We are an established Commercial Beekeeper of Kelulut Bee/Stingless Bee/Trigona Bee in Malaysia, producing the finest grade, high quality honey and propolis products that are rich in anti-oxidants, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. The honey is light in color with delicious sweet & sour fruit taste. These honey and propolis are naturally suitable to cure illnesses through traditional treatment methods such as diabetes mellifluous, stroke, hepatitis, cancer, hypertension, kidney stones, gout, cough, etc. In terms of nutritional value and benefit, it is very much better than the normal honey.

Pengedar produk Madu Kelulut jenama SYAMILLE dikehendaki untuk seluruh Malaysia. Hubungi PEJABAT KAMI 05-7520209.

Untuk mendapatkan senarai Pengedar yang berdekatan, sila Hubungi PEJABAT KAMI 05-7520209.

Temui kami di HALL 2 (Booth D04) bersempena dengan pameran tahunan IKS iaitu SMIDEX 14 anjuran SME Corp dan MITI yang akan berlangsung pada 4 ~ 6 Jun 2014 (10am – 6pm) di Pusat Konvensyen Kuala Lumpur (KLCC).


Last year, 22 multinational companies (MNCs) from all around the world took part in Business Matching with capable Malaysian SMEs with a total of 165 sessions arranged during SMIDEX 2013.

This year we hope to achieve an even higher potential business sales value than the previous year, which achieved a total of RM322.24 million (approximately USD98 million ). 

We are confident that for SMIDEX 2014, at least 150 business matching sessions between 30 MNCs and 60 Malaysian SMEs will be arranged and the potential sales value will be higher. 

Among some of the MNCs that have confirmed their participation are BAE Systems, Boustead Holdings Sdn. Bhd, Siemens, Pos Malaysia and Aeon Big. 

This year marks the 17th year that SME Corp. Malaysia is organising its annual showcase, SME Annual Showcase 2014 will see the convergance of the biggest number of exhibitors from both domestic and international markets.

This annual event is designed to showcase the capabilities and capacities of Malaysian SMEs in producing products, services and technologies for the global market. Large companies and multinational corporations (MNCs) are also welcomed to display parts and components they would like to procure from SMEs.

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