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By Khairul Ashraf Kammed - 21 August 2014 @ 8:10 AM

Syamille Agrofarm & Resort in Kuala Kangsar brings back fond memories of his hometown for Khairul Ashraf Kammed

SOME of the fondest memories that I will always cherish are the ones spent at my father’s orchard in Tanjung Belungkor, Johor, during the fruit season in the early 1990s.

Spending the night in a makeshift hut, armed with a torchlight and a machete, I got very excited when I heard the sound of a falling object in the bushes nearby.

Harvesting fresh durian which has just dropped, was definitely an enjoyable experience but that activity ceased after my grandfather passed away.

My recent stay at Syamille Agrofarm & Resort has evoked those sweet memories although this time, I can eat the fruit to my heart’s content without having to harvest them.

If the timing is right, guests at this farm-resort will feast on a fruits such as durian, rambutan, cempedak, mangosteen, jackfruit, starfruit, papaya, cherries, duku, dokong, longan and even grapes.

The roselle flower which is used to make cordials.
 Children will surely be drawn to the animals such as deer, peafowl, love bird and parakeet, which are kept in a mini zoo, and the goats and cows, which are reared in the stables. 

The resort also has some apiaries where the kelulut bees (stingless bees) produce honey. 
The tame deer are always happy to approach you when you offer them some food.

Located in Kampung Chuar Hilir in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, this resort blends in perfectly with the lush forest and natural settings.

What is unique about Syamille Agrofarm & Resort is that it combines natural resources like wood, rocks and granite to create a modern architecture that fuses with traditional landscape.

To be more environmental-friendly, it uses old railway tracks, antique ironwood doors and rusty stilts in most of its buildings. It has also adopted the zero waste integration system, in which animal waste is used as fertilisers for the orchards.

A pond inhabited by koi, kelah and tilapia is strategically located near the restaurant, and is surrounded by wooden chalets. It is so calming to eat while watching the fish swim.

Watching the fish while having your meal is calming.

My room has three single beds made of bamboo, while the bathroom walls are made of natural rocks. In its efforts to stay green, each room is installed with a ceiling fan instead of air conditioner.

During the day, you can just hang out at the patio while reading a book or bonding with your loved ones. If you listen carefully, you can even hear the sound of gurgling water from the stream nearby.

For a true experience of living in an agro-farm resort, this is indeed the place to be.



Syamille Agro-Farm & Resort, Lot 3749 & 3750, Jln Lata Perahu, Kg Chuar Hulu, Mukim Chegar Galah, Kati, Kuala Kangsar, Perak Tel: 05-7520 209 Website:


From the North-South Highway and make an exit at Kuala Kangsar. Right after the toll plaza, drive towards Grik. About 15km up the road is a town called Kati (you’ll see the signboard Lata Perahu on your left). Turn here and you’ll reach Kampung Chuar Hulu. you won’t miss the large signboard indicating where the resort is.


Scenic resort set in an orchard and farm.


Rustic and charming.


There are seven villas, each with a master bedroom, a twin bedroom, a living room, a balcony with a view facing the jungle and the stream as well as a mini kitchen. The deluxe room has two queen beds.

Another 10 chalets can accommodate up to four guests even though there are only three single beds (additional mattress upon request). Every room has a rock salt lamp to neutralise the air.


The in-house restaurant serves a la carte Thai dishes.


There’s a hall for seminars or family gatherings, with a stage. The hall can accommodate a maximum of 80 people at one time. The PA system, projector and electronic whiteboard are available for rental.

The resort has a nursery that sells seedlings for a variety of flowering plants and fruit trees.

Buildings such as this hall are constructed using recycled materials.

Satisfactory with a personal touch from the owner.


A stream runs through the resort from the nearby Lata Perahu waterfall (one km or 15-minute drive away). But if you prefer trekking, it will be a slight uphill climb.

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